Adobe Premiere Pro CS5产品的新增功能介绍

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借助革命性的本机 64 位、GPU 加速 Mercury Playback Engine,Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5 软件为视频制作提供卓越性能,使您能大幅提高工作速度。本机使用期望的视频格式,从脚本编写到编辑、编码和最终交付,实现制作全面提速。

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5 software improves every part of the video production process thanks to the revolutionary 64-bit, GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, a highly efficient script-to-screen workflow, and native support for the latest tapeless camera formats that lets you begin editing without delay.

Industry-leading performance with the new Mercury Engine

Industry-leading performance with the new Mercury Playback Engine new

Work dramatically faster thanks to the revolutionary native 64-bit, GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine. Open projects faster, scrub through HD and higher-resolution footage more fluidly, and play back complex long-format and effects-heavy projects more reliably.

Expanded native tapeless workflows enhanced

Edit video natively in the latest tapeless formats, including RED, AVCCAM, XDCAM HD 50, DPX, P2, XDCAM, and DSLR cameras, without transcoding or rewrapping. Do more with tapeless workflows

Open workflows with Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer

Open workflows with Final Cut Pro and Avid software enhanced

Bring the creative benefits of Adobe tools to your entire project by importing and exporting projects from these other NLEs. Do more with open workflows

Script-to-screen workflows

Script-to-screen workflow new

Collaborate on scripts, automatically extract shot lists, and generate metadata-rich assets that speed up editing. Do more with script-to-screen workflows

Tapeless camera support in Adobe OnLocation CS5

Tapeless camera support in Adobe OnLocation CS5 new

Use the powerful logging options in Adobe OnLocation™ when working with tapeless cameras.

Native support for DSLR cameras

Native support for DSLR cameras new

Edit native video from the latest DSLR cameras without transcoding or rewrapping.

Streamlined encoding with revamped Adobe Media Encoder

Streamlined encoding with revamped Adobe Media Encoder enhanced

Produce content in virtually any format, including DPX, FLV, F4V, H.264, MPEG-2, QT, WM, and more.

Client reviews made simple

Client reviews made simple new

Gather feedback more efficiently by sharing work in progress with Adobe CS Review, a new Adobe CS Live online service.* CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time. (Integration with CS Review will not be available for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 when the software initially ships. Integration capability is expected to be available for Adobe Premiere Pro users later in 2010.)

Eliminate intermediate rendering

Eliminate intermediate rendering

Use Adobe Dynamic Link for tighter-than-ever integration and faster project workflows. Share content between Adobe After Effects®, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Soundbooth®, and see changes made in one component reflected immediately in the other, without rendering.

Do more with Creative Suite® Production Premium

Faster editing with metadata

Faster editing with metadata enhanced

Gain greater efficiency with powerful new metadata features. Detect faces and turn spoken dialogue into searchable text faster and more accurately

Timesaving improvements

Dozens of timesaving improvements new

Boost productivity with workflow features and enhancements suggested by users like you. For example, use automatic scene detection to create separate clips from HDV tapes, import assets from DVDs, use new keyboard shortcuts, control keyframes with even more precision, and clean up sequences quickly with new commands for finding and removing gaps.

Ultra keyer

Ultra keyer new

Experience breakthrough performance and achieve fast, accurate chroma keying — even on challenging HD footage — with the Ultra® keyer.

Searchable web-DVDs with Adobe Encore CS5

Searchable web DVDs with Adobe Encore CS5 new

Deliver interactive DVD experiences over the web, complete with chapter menus and search capabilities