CUDA wins awards at Supercomputing

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Monday, Dec 08 @ 15:25 EST
Every year at the
Supercomputing (SC) convention, the organizing committee and media partners give awards for outstanding high performance computing (HPC) research and achievements. This year, NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and the NVIDIA CUDA architecture were recognized in multiple categories, a clear indicator that GPU Computing technology is making a real and significant impact in the HPC industry.

  • The Best Student Paper Award went to Vasily Volkov and James W. Demmel of the University of California, Berkeley for "Benchmarking GPUs to Tune Dense Linear Algebra."
  • In the ACM Best Graduate Student Poster, 1st place went to Akila Gothandaraman of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for "Acceleration of Quantum Monte Carlo Applications on Emerging Computing Platforms." David Dynerman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison secured 2nd place for his poster entitled: "CUSA and CUDE: GPU-Accelerated Methods for Estimating Solvent Accessible Surface Area and Desolvation." Both posters focused on advances made possible by the NVIDIA CUDA architecture. See David Dynerman talk about his work on YouTube.
  • National Instruments LabVIEW Application was named Finalist in Supercomputing Analytics Challenge for their use of GPUs to develop real-time control for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) See it on YouTube.

NVIDIA CUDA technology continues to transform the HPC industry through providing scientists, researchers, engineers and developers access to the powerful and massively parallel processing architecture of the GPU through industry languages such as C, Fortran, Java and Python.

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