Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 Studio特效合成系统配置推荐(2)

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  • The Choosing Hardware page should have a detailed discussion of graphics card requirements and performance.
  • Software Requirements

    Operating Systems

    The following operating systems are supported by Fusion 6.0 (We will update when we have specs for Fusion 7.0)

    • * Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or greater
    • * Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Service Pack 2 or greater
    • * Microsoft Windows Vista (Home/Business/Ultimate)
    • * Microsoft Windows Vista (Business/Ultimate) 64-bit


    • The 32 bit version of Fusion requires Apple Quicktime to be installed on the workstation and render nodes in order to read and write to the MOV and PNG file formats. At the time this manual was written Quicktime libraries were unavailable for 64 bit operating systems, and as a result these formats are unavailable in 64 bit native versions of Fusion.


    • Fusion is well supported under Windows 7. Windows 8 was not yet available when this documentation was written, but initial testing with the release candidate has indicated there should be no major issues. eyeon Software is committed to supporting this operating system when it is released.
    • Due to the poor Open GL support in most virtualization platforms eyeon does not currently support operation of Fusion under virtualization. The Fusion Render Slave should operate under virtualization, though it is more efficient to run directly on the hardware.
    • See the Choosing Hardware page for the most up to date information on choosing hardware for Fusion.