intel双路12核Xeon 5670服务器测试成绩如何?(7)

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Virtualization & consolidation

VMmark - which we discussed in great detail here - tries to measure typical consolidation workloads: a combination of a light mail server, database, fileserver, and website with a somewhat heavier java application. One VM is just sitting idle, representative of workloads that have to be online but which perform very little work (for example, a domain controller). In short, VMmark goes for the scenario where you want to consolidate lots and lots of smaller apps on one physical server.

VMWare VMmark
 (*) preliminary benchmark data

VMmark is another completely Intel dominated benchmark. One six-core Xeon 2.93 is worth two six-core Opterons at 2.6 GHz. It is important to emphasize that we are talking about benchmark which runs up to 120 VMs, so this benchmark might be influenced greatly by VM exit and entry times. So let us take a look at our own virtualization benchmarks with fewer VM to hypervisor transitions.